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Tri-Clamp Short Ferrule (14WMP)

Designed to ideally meet your clamp fitting needs, the short welding ferrule is commonly used in the dairy, food, beverage, and meat processing industries. Manufactured in adherence to the 3-A...

Roll-On Ferrule (14RMP)

TUBE O.D. A B 304 PART NUMBER 316L PART NUMBER 1" 0.75 1.005 14RMP-1 14RMP-1 1-1/2" 1.125 1.505 14RMP-15 14RMP-15 2" 1.312 2.005 14RMP-2 14RMP-2 2-1/2" 1.375 2.505 14RMP-25 14RMP-25...

Heavy Wall Tank Ferrule (14MPW)

The heavy wall tank weld ferrule is designed and produced in full compliance with the 3-A Sanitary Standards for dairy and food processing equipment. when adding additional tank ferrules due...

Light Wall Tank Ferrule (14WLMP)

Used to weld the ferrule on a system or as a drain, the light-duty tank ferrule is common in the food, beverage, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries for line process equipment....

Tri-Clamp Long Ferrule (L14AM7)

Crucial when assembling process lines, the long welding ferrule is one of the most common fitting types used in sanitary processes. Manufactured in adherence to 3A Sanitary Standards, the long...