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Tri-Clamp Rubber Hose Barb Adapter (14MPHR)

  Tri-Clamp Rubber Hose Barb Adapter engineered to ensure fast, sanitary and consistent connections to process lines. Used to connect to rubber hoses, the tri-clamp style adapter makes the process...

Tri-Clamp Long Ferrule (L14AM7)

Crucial when assembling process lines, the long welding ferrule is one of the most common fitting types used in sanitary processes. Manufactured in adherence to 3A Sanitary Standards, the long...

Tri-Clamp High Pressure Bolted Clamps (13MHP)

  Tri-Clamp High-Pressure Bolted Clamp Engineered to Ensure Fast, Sanitary, and Consistent Connection to Process Lines. This high-pressure clamp is designed for maximum endurance. It can withstand pressures significantly higher than standard...